Great War Main Rulebook FW916 NEW tdmutz3871-Table Top/Historical

How to Open Multiple Programs Without Closing Windows' Start Menu

My typical morning routine involves opening a handful of programs—Slack, Steam, my web browser, Discord, Spotify, et cetera. While I keep my most-used apps pinned to my Windows taskbar, I still have a few apps I’ll open from my Start menu (to help reduce clutter).

25mm classical cretan - ancient archers 24 figs - inf (17474)

WW2 VILLAGE CHURCH 15mm Building Terrain Flames of War N524

20mm WW2 german - 3 tanks (plastic) - vehicles (24887)

We used to do the “smell her head” test.

Lord of Change - Greater Daemon of Tzeentch - 1988 - The Realm of Chaos - Metal

This seems like it should be basic knowledge, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve asked someone to take my picture, handed them a phone, and then stood there frozen as they turn it towards me...and nothing happens. Are they taking a picture? Are they looking through my email? What’s going on over there?…


Great War Main Rulebook FW916 NEW tdmutz3871-Table Top/Historical

Iron-Core - Iron-Core Storm Trooper Accessory Set - Dreamforge Games Upgrade Kit 15mm colonial zulu - warriors 25 figures - inf (28666)
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