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Welcome to Aurora Service Europe!

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Northern Lights Forecasts,qaq Solar Wind Tools, News, Solar Activity and much more.

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Created by aurora chasers, for aurora chasers..

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We are a free northern lights information service based in Scandinavia. We are run by volunteers who give a lot of free time to create and maintain this website to help people in Northern Europe see the Northern Lights. Unlike many other aurora websites, we are actually aurora watchers ourselves, and are regularly standing in a dark field in the middle of the night. As such, the website (especially the forecast page) has been designed from an aurora chasers view point, we don’t want it filled with lots of info we don’t need. We have kept it simple, having only the things we deem important when out there viewing the site on your tablet or phone.

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We have put thousands of (unpaid) hours into developing the site since it’s early days, but it has all been worth it, because now it is a great resource for aurora chasers from all over Europe (and indeed the world) and we have tens of thousands of you visiting the site.

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Northern Lights over Lapland, Finland

We monitor solar activity, geomagnetic activity and real time solar wind conditions. With this data we provide forecasts hourly, daily and even a 3 day forecast (with predicted kp numbers).

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You can monitor the geomagnetic activity yourself using our 25mm ACW union - regt 20 figures - inf (32234) page, where we get real time data from some of the worlds top space weather institutions. If you are new to the Northern Lights scene, the information might be quite baffling to you, but don’t worry, it is really quite simple. The most important thing is the kp index which is a scale from 0 to 9. Using this number you can see what level is typically needed to view Northern Lights from where you are:

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You can also find us on:
Facebook: /auroraserviceEU
Twitter: Games Workshop Warhammer Beastmen Gors Command Group Metal Figures Job Lot OOP D


Since making this page in 2013, we have since started our very own northern lights tours around the northern most towns in the EU (70°N!)! You are welcome to come and stay in our cottages in the very far north of Finnish Lapland and come out with us PERSONALLY chasing the auroras each night.

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Northern Lights over Lapland, Finland

We have a whole new website dedicated to the aurora tours. Visit:

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